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** Hello Dear / Visitor If this is your first visit, We hope to have a second return And be members of our forum Together we are trying to learn the management of our lives A better way Rushed together**
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PostSubject: WORKING THE ACTION PLAN   Mon Feb 21, 2011 10:03 am

. Working the Action Plan

The same applies to the action plan as to the goals in item (b) above. Openly discuss each individual’s action plans, and help him or her, as a group, to fine-tune them. Throughout the training session, reinforce the idea that your organization is a team, and should work together and openly, to help one another achieve his or her individual goals.
d. Demonstrating the product
The importance of sells is discussed in the next section. In your training session it is important that you not only remind members of your downline of the importance of sales volume, but also give them some ideas on how to do it. Don’t be like the proverbial boss who assigns a task to some hapless laborer, then walks away without providing the tools or training to accomplish it. If you are serious about sells, then train your people how to conduct sells. If you don’t know yourself--learn; or ask someone from your upline to come in and help.
e. Recruiting
The issue of recruiting should be discussed in every training session, and individuals should be allowed to share with the group their successes and failures in this area. One of your distributors may be on the edge of dropping out, fearing that his recruiting failures are unique and incurable. However, fifteen minutes of group discussion may show him that he is not alone. A few more minutes of group brainstorming may find a solution to the problem.
A group of people, working towards a common goal, has access to an enormously powerful tool called synergism. Synergy is where the culmination of the mental resources within a group is greater than simply adding up the number of people in attendance. Synergy lets you share ideas, enlarge upon another person’s thoughts, correct somebody’s misperceptions, and feel the joy of teamwork. In your training sessions, 5 9
Network Marketing: MLM Strategies for Success and Wealth Creation
don’t waste this valuable resource by not engaging everybody in the training process.
f. Managing the business and your image
Finally, remind people of the criticality of presenting themselves and representing the sponsoring company in a professional matter. Be a good example here. Your downline will follow your lead in this area quicker than any other. 6 0
Network Marketing: MLM Strategies for Success and Wealth Creation
Attend an opportunity meeting or free training seminar this week.
Write five things about the style of presentation, the environment, the presenter’s personal input, or any other things that grabbed your attention during the training session.
Write an itinerary/agenda for an opportunity meeting or sales training meeting you would host:
Beginning with your first sponsored distributor, organize and conduct sales training classes. Discuss product uses, benefits, methods of demonstrating, and techniques of meeting and approaching prospects. Practice on each other. Two people working together, towards a common goal, form a team.
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