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** Hello Dear / Visitor If this is your first visit, We hope to have a second return And be members of our forum Together we are trying to learn the management of our lives A better way Rushed together**
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 Treatment of honey bees

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PostSubject: Treatment of honey bees    Sun Feb 13, 2011 11:54 am

Treatment of honey bees ******************** Content of the honey bees of nutrients: -- Honey contains the following articles Sugars, such as a (Glucose - fructose - Dquistrattrayoz - Ravuz - Melezim - Xtoz - Arloz Aizumltoz - Mmeltuluz - Toranus - Nnigeroz - Maltuluz - Koajabioz - Nuotobwazz - Jontbioz - to Aminariboz - Melezim ........) Group vitamins (B-1 Thiamin - Riboflavin B-2 - Bantotinik by 3 - to 4 Necotiik - niacin b 5 - b 6 - b 8 - B 9 - Vitamin K - ascorbic c - beta carotene which is converted in the liver to vitamin A - butane e 0000) Group enzymes (Alanfian - amylase - الكاتاليز - phosphatase - a Gelokosidiz - glucose or Ksidiz - EMILY b) A mineral salts: (Iron - Copper - Phosphorus - Magnesium - Sodium - Calcium - sulfur - would like - Manganese - potassium - Silca - Chlorine - Dichloromethane ... ... ...) Acid group (Citric - lactic - acetic - formic - Alpiotrik - tannic - oxalic ... ... ... ....) Group proteins: (Beptun - Alpimin - Glubeilin - Nikilobrotin ... ... ... ... ..) Honey bees tend to the natural shape when the temperature drops below the minimum temperature Hive, a 20 degrees Celsius and to vary the speed and the temperature of crystallization of each type of honey on the other type for different types of source Rahiqy Proved to be one kilo of honey benefit the body as a vendor as 3.5 or 12 as meat or vegetables Milk 5 KB Compensation sugars consumed by the body's physical or mental effort in order to contain glucose absorption and easy representation of the body and slow absorption and fructose, which preserves the blood sugar Article therapeutic, preventive and high nutritional value, are useful for children and adults alike, it does not stay long in the stomach as it fast digestion is also rapidly absorbed into the lymphatic system and reach the blood Treatment of gastrointestinal disorders it increases the activity of the intestines and does not cause fermentation for patients with digestive system does not cause irritation to the walls of the intestinal tract and works to stimulate the process of metabolic tissue and makes the output easy Negating the impact of excess acidity in the stomach will prevent stomach ulcers and duodenum Be mixed with honey and pollen pills, royal jelly cream Nafie (For pain relief - to speed up the healing of tissues in all types of wounds - an anti-bacteria, bacteria and fungi) As it includes the (Alinhpin formic acid) Treatment of chronic hepatitis and inflammation of the gall bile and help break Hsoadtha by eating daily (Honey - pollen) Honey works to treat heart disease and strengthen the heart muscle for the presence of glucose and honey, which feeds the heart muscle - the world Almwtmrataby physiology of members 1901 each day (100 - 150 gm) Treatment of weak infrastructure and anemia and raise the proportion of hemoglobin in blood and increase the weight of vulnerable children as it includes the (Vitamin B 12 and vitamin C) Alleviate insomnia and helps one to sleep quick Region Used to treat headaches, nervous system and inflammation as it includes the (vitamin B 1) The treatment of rheumatism and arthritis (honey and pollen and royal jelly) Resistance Impotence and infertility Working to improve the growth of bones and teeth and prevent the risk of rickets for children as it includes the (calcium and phosphorus) Remover is good for cough and of potential impact euphemism for tonsillitis and throat Useful in cases of difficulty swallowing, dry throat and dry cough Is conducive to feed patients in convalescence and the role of anti-aging In the case of coma According to pregnant women during pregnancy and childbirth and works Alyalaj vomiting and strengthen uterine contraction during birth and is good for children when teething Prevents cancer and heart where surgery can not cure cancer, complex brain only after stopping and unwieldy nature of community organization in one area so that it can Istosalh and had succeeded in it (honey and Nigella sativa) Honey is considered an anti-bleeding and bloody saves blood alkaline, which helps to overcome the stress as it includes the (vitamin K) Help to improve the ability to sight as it includes the (vitamin B 2) Address Alolthbat and skin diseases and prevent their occurrence as it includes the (vitamin B 3) Work on microbial resistance cluster suis addresses ulcer (bed - cancer - Tropical ..) Prevent injury Balakzmia, herpes and psoriasis and boils as it includes the (vitamin e) Very useful for Althbat pulmonary and respiratory diseases, colds and tuberculosis with milk Honey is considered successful treatment of neurological diseases and honey is also a very successful treatment of addiction Is very useful for the skin of women where he works to smooth them and reduce wrinkles by Rift Valley Fever (honey Nigella sativa) Honey very successful treatment for burns and Althbat sweat glands and anthrax, offices and breast gland inflammation Treatment of chest diseases such as asthma, chronic colds and others to contain at (magnesium materials extended to the people) Treatment and prevention of phlegm is formed in the lungs of smokers, especially when Treatment of inflammatory kidney, ureters, bladder and kidney stones (honey - pollen - Bee gum) Treatment of menstrual pain, the contraction of the uterus and pre-eclampsia and is used in the treatment of breast cancer Treatment of gingivitis, tongue, tooth decay and cracked lips, rich with (fluorine) Reduces blood sugar of diabetics (The presence of fructose by the Alzylaihtaj Insulin for combustion contains a substance similar to Alonsoliyn working to control blood sugar) The prevention of night-blindness and inflammation of the cornea and conjunctiva and lid margin and chronic inflammation of the cornea as it includes the (vitamin A) Help in the process of representation of the protein and maintaining the balance of food exchange within tissue as it includes the (vitamin B 6) Prevention of disease scurvy, and damage to heart muscle, especially as it includes the (vitamin C) Addresses honey mixed with pollen pills thin the blood and helps to Tjlth as it includes the (vitamin K) Prevention Alonumeia and malignant diseases of the liver and pancreas, as it includes the (folic acid) The prevention of hair loss and the egg-and ulceration of the intestinal tract it includes the (vitamin B 3) The prevention of polio, poor memory and disease as it includes the pellagra (vitamin B 5) Regulate metabolism and prevention of HIV as it includes the hemoglobin (vitamin e) Address the honey with pollen allergies and allergy associated with severe asthma successfully Treatment of infectious diarrhea in children and toxic increase the number of red blood cells and white Treatment of liver diseases and strengthen and prevent deposition of fat in it and improve and functions and prevent the formation of bile stones Bahoislat Treatment of poisoning and alcohol poisoning, toxemia of pregnancy because it (which includes a calming influence Vosfolebedat diuretic) Treatment of heat stroke by applying honey on hair and is used in the treatment of skin irritation and spot paint the skin with honey and pollen Antimicrobial highly resistant (such as Salmonella - Staphylococcus - Mkrocox Bacillus ...) The prevention of many diseases of the existence of Article (prostaglandin) by the shortage of which leads the body to be brought many diseases Used in the treatment of cancer as it contains honey acidic (Alasinamek and Alcavic) as to affect the DNA of cancer cells, only the reverse of chemicals which affect the cancer cells and healthy at the same time Treatment of constipation and hemorrhoids paint topical honey and pollen and eating For athletes (A good source of energy, easy and vitamins - with a distinctive taste and loved - Keeping on weight) For children (To gain weight - and prevent them from many diseases - Treatment of Pediatric Caldosntarya and infectious diarrhea - Treatment of bedwetting - increase the proportion of hemoglobin in blood - raising the efficiency of the immune system of the intestine cleanser gentle laxative) And useful for infants as strengthen their immune systems and reduces the security of injury Bamos enterovirus Beneficial to the mother, where is offset by the inspecting of vitamins and mineral salts and sugars as it benefits the child as (Increases the flow of milk increases the nutritional content and breast milk antibodies support the resistance of the child for illness) Used in weight loss has been proven scientifically that it was active anti-obesity hormone, the body works to move the body fat Strengthen the body's immune system as it includes the (Beta carotene and chlorophyll derivatives Alzanthovelat tannin) It also works the previous articles feedstock anti-oxidant and anti-venom and anti-tumor, tumors
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Treatment of honey bees
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