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** Hello Dear / Visitor If this is your first visit, We hope to have a second return And be members of our forum Together we are trying to learn the management of our lives A better way Rushed together**
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 Strong language in the world

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PostSubject: Strong language in the world    Thu Jan 27, 2011 12:22 pm

Strong language in the world
Talk about the most powerful language in the world and this language is not a known language spoken by human beings on the earth's surface, such as Arabic or French or English and other languages known, but the language spoken by humans when infected with self-love and selfishness, and domination over others or that this language I will be entitled and allowed for the others to be
This language is with a man since Cain killed his brother Abel for his own benefit those who wish to marry
A language that is spoken of by Pharaoh with Moses peace be upon him when he refused to be worshiped God with him it is against his interest from the standpoint of Pharaoh, of course
This language, which by Quraysh rejected the call of Muhammad peace be upon him
I think you know this language it is the language of interests
Yes, this language which is now the strongest and most prevalent language in the land, but less is the language that has become a controller of the world today is the language of Alihurat and discussions and negotiations, agreements and negotiations
The beholder and in the problems of the world Alliot find that any of them to the problem of Athl only if there is an interest to one of the parties in resolving here you see all his might intervene to solve the problem the delegation will meet more than one party Fteraha have been solved sooner than we expect
Why, because the language of interests had intervened and resolved and he is not intelligent politicians do not Nebahthm but the language of interest
This language is to forge wars like the war in Iraq and Afghanistan
This language is the same that prevent wars to see Pakistan and India
This language is governed by the power of stupid in the world today the world
Hence, we find that a problem like the problem of the Middle East, which Nchaina hear about it for decades did not find solution to it through all the problems have been resolved, but this problem or if the human mind is incapable of solving this problem, the largest of its
Screamed the view that mind, which invaded the space narrowed after the ground was looking his ability in space and perhaps find more space for the idea and use their abilities and the ground was no longer in need of him
And even invented the computer and satellites and other deemed unable to resolve the problem of the Middle East and was not this problem has a solution
Known and accepted that the solution to every problem, what is the problem then?
The problem is that the problem of the Middle East including the Palestinian problem was solved if it will cause problems and conflicts with the interests of many who own hands to solve this problem
If the solution was to cause problems for those who work in his hand, why solve it?
What is happening is to seek to extend the duration of the time in order to Athl problem and not seek to solve
But let us be optimistic and dream it had been resolved and to imagine how the situation will be
There is a Palestinian state were established, what is the result?
Threat and ears Bnthae Israel sooner or later they know it
Stability and cohesion and the formation of the State in Iraq, bring all Iraqis, what is the result?
Danger to the future flow of oil to the power of stupid in the world and Europe
Stability in Afghanistan and establish a state there with no problems, what is the result?
Union between Pakistan and Afghanistan one day and so that there is an Islamic nuclear bomb
This is against the interests of the West and the other so on a lot
So to all those who say a solution to the problem of what it is there to discuss the interests of Holders of force in the resolution or not?
If there is interest for the Owners of force in the world to solve it is unresolved, despite everyone's nose, but it is not a solution, but there are negotiations and Ajtmat and many of the names they give every day and nothing new and are not interest them hope for
And you see that while the whole world to learn this language see the Arabs are the only ones who did not learn this language after, say, or they do not want to learn it
The Arabs want to solve their problems in non-research reasons and there is a problem not solved, but research in the causes and the reasons for their problems is that they have the interests of many of the world and this is the cause of their problems
But the biggest reason is that these interests, which is supposed to be in their hands have also found they gave to others to control them and in others by
Therefore, there is no solution to their problems and stability to what they were unless they caught those interests are in the hands of others and not
At that time, they are and not others who are able to solve their problems
Because it is not in the interests of others to solve their problems
When the Arabs learn this language and apply it in their policy?
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Strong language in the world
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