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** Hello Dear / Visitor If this is your first visit, We hope to have a second return And be members of our forum Together we are trying to learn the management of our lives A better way Rushed together**
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 The Effective Use of Mileposts

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PostSubject: The Effective Use of Mileposts    Thu Mar 17, 2011 11:30 am

The Effective Use of Mileposts

Goal setting is essential to your success in network marketing.
A lot has been written and said about goal setting, and rightly so. However, the focus on most goal setting is misguided in that it asks you to visualize high incomes and jet-set lifestyles, as if the dreaming of such things will cause miraculous materialization of all your wants by next Thursday.
The purpose of this book is to help you progress in the field of network marketing and achieve your financial goals. To do this, you must do more than imagine driving to the grocery store in your Mercedes. To achieve success, you need to focus your attention and efforts on achieving specific recruitment and sales volume goals (or, mileposts). Somewhere in the back of your mind is the image of wealth and success, but your day-to-day visualization of the future should be on the next definitive milepost you have established for yourself.
Take care of
recruiting and sales volume,
and income and lifestyle
will take care of itself.
The establishment of mileposts is dependent upon your ability to determine structured levels of growth. For example, how many people do you need to recruit to reach the next promotion in your plan’s matrix? Or, What sales volume do you need to move up to the next commission level? A definitive milepost may read: Sponsor three people into my organization by March 15. Or, By March 15 have organizational sales volume in excess of $1,500 per month. These are goals you can visualize and measure.
The effective use of mileposts does not, however, end with the simple statements illustrated above. Now, you must get into the meat of goal setting and spell out in detail how you intend to achieve this next milepost. 8 4
Network Marketing: MLM Strategies for Success and Wealth Creation
This is your action plan. Viktor Frankl, a Nazi concentration camp survivor, suggested a circuitous route to goal achievement.
Rather than focusing on a goal, such as, “become a Direct Distributor within 30 days,” Frankl claims it is more effective to focus on the individual steps necessary to achieve that goal. If the Direct Distributorship level in your organization requires sales volume of $2,500 per month and an organization of three personally sponsored associates, using Frankl’s method you focus your efforts on recruiting three people and increasing monthly sales. The Direct Distributorship falls naturally into place when you achieve these intermediate mileposts.
This is so important I need to restate it. Using Frankl’s suggestions, focus on the daily tasks of increasing your sales volume and recruiting three people into your organization. Take your eyes off the Direct Distributor goal. Wear blinders if you have to. This technique should not be new to you. Have you ever heard the expression “take care of the pennies and the dollars will take of themselves?” It’s the same idea. When you focus on the small steps, you will achieve your goal of becoming a Direct Distributor, without becoming intimidated by the one huge step of jumping from raw recruit to Direct Distributor. Develop action plans and goals that use Frankl’s ideas.
Action plans should be written for each specific milepost. The activities delineated in the action plan become the focus of your attention and efforts until the objective is achieved. Note that you do not focus on, for example, the statement: “recruit three people.” Going to bed each night chanting, “recruit three people, recruit three people,” will never achieve anything. Instead, reflect on the things you must “do” to recruit three people.
Following up on the hypothetical milepost given above, here is a sample action plan:
Milepost: Recruit three people by March 15.
Action Plan: I have fourteen days from today to achieve this goal. To accomplish the above milepost, I will:
Plan and implement a daily list of activities.
Introduce myself to three people each day.
Discuss the opportunity with at least one person daily.
Attend two opportunity meetings with at least one guest.
Host one meeting in my home during this time period.

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The Effective Use of Mileposts
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